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Domestic Violence and Reproductive Health

Domestic Violence and Reproductive Health explores the dynamics of a woman’s inability to manage her reproductive health, which can lead to unwanted pregnancy, exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STI's/STD's), HIV, sexual violence and forced abortions.


Trauma explores the effects of trauma and the “emotional brain.” It looks at how to identify an emotionally toxic environment and how it effects your brain; how verbal, emotional and physical abuse can result in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); looking at the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain and how it affects your response. The interaction of trauma and anger.


Domestic Violence and
Intimate Partner Violence

​Overview of Domestic Violence which includes the Cycle of Violence, Why Women Stay, Profile/Characteristics of a Batterer, Narcissism and Abusive Behavior, Crisis Intervention, Beliefs and Values and Cultural Competency.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault training focuses on the realities and the impact of rape, and the physical, emotional and psychological effects of assault and explores techniques to support the recovery of victims.

Human Trafficking

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

The Commercially Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), is sexual abuse of a minor for economic gain which could be in the form of prostitution, stripping or even pornography. It involves coercion and includes violence against children forcing them into child labour and is a form of contemporary slavery, as well as offering the sexual services of children for compensation, financial or otherwise.
Exploited children are under the age of eighteen (18). Many are runaway youth who are surviving on their own and may be forced to exchange sex for their survival needs. They may be residing in group homes or shelters or on the street. They can display visible signs of abuse, unexplained bruises, black eyes, cuts or marks. Thy have unexplained tattoos and they keep late night or unusual hours. They are secretive and vague.
These children exhibit behavior(s) that include fear, anxiety, depression, submission, hyper-vigilance or paranoid behavior. They express interest in or are in relationships with older adults men and women.
Many come from dysfunctional families where physical and sexual violence is an everyday reality for them. They suffer from trauma and have encountered traumatic experiences such as living in violent neighborhoods, continuous exposure to family violence, being poorly supervised and can be socially isolated.
The commercial sexual exploitation of children is a form of violence against children.

Fee Structure

My training fees are $50/hour with a minimum of three (3) hours billed. This fee does not include travel time. Based on the scope of work, fees may be negotiated to project based billing.

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